Horses of Biras Creek

The five Paso Fino horses that call Biras Creek Resort their home were rescued from Puerto Rico in 2009. Each horse has it’s own story and a different journey that led them to the British Virgin Islands. Fugitive, Sorbeto and Ben were race horses in Puerto Rico for various lengths of time and came to us for retirement. Kid was the breed for show but did not end up joining the show circuit. Winston led a relaxed life as a pet to multiple families. This breed thrives in the warm climate of the Caribbean and makes a great addition to the Biras Creek Resort family.

Horses in Paradise

Whether you have been around horses all your life or are a novice, visiting the horses at Biras Creek Resort will change the way you interact with animals. The Paso Fino breed is spirited and responsive, while also being sensible and gentle at hand. They genuinely enjoy human companionship and strive to please. Take a moment and visit the horses. Classes are geared toward beginner horsemanship and healing, making this an ideal activity for all ages.  

The classes below are available Tuesday through Saturday in the morning.

Natural Horsemanship Class

The Natural Horsemanship class is designed around the concept of learning to effectively communicate with a horse as a way to improve ones ability to communicate in general, with both animals and people. It is a philosophy of partnering with a horse to work together on skills. Each participant will choose a horse and learn how to use non-verbal communication skills to accomplish simple tasks such as tying on, moving together without a lead, and going over obstacles. Success is determined by how well the human communicates with their horse. Communication skills are sometimes easier taught through working with a horse, than with other people.

Couples Retreat Class

In the Couples Retreat class, Natural Horsemanship is used to encourage communication to achieve a common goal. Horses are much like people in that they use body language to understand one another. The couple will work as a team while instructing the horse to complete a task through non-verbal communication only. This requires both people to read one another’s body language and create a stable presence around the horse in order to achieve the end goal. It is a great exercise for anyone interested in improving his or her communication skills.