Docking and Mooring

For guests who are exploring the British Virgin Islands by water, both moorings and dockage are available at Biras Creek Resort.

In order to respect the privacy of our guests, please note that Biras Creek Resort is a private resort, and we only offer limited access to visitors. We would welcome the opportunity to give you a private tour of the property or to have you dine with us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, subject to availability and with a reservation at our world-renowned Hilltop Restaurant.

To reserve dock space or moorings at Biras Creek Resort please email the guest assistants or call 1 284 394 3555.

To reserve dock space at the adjacent YCCS Marina, please email the dockmaster.

Mooring Details and Rates

Mooring is $25 per night and complimentary if dining with us at the Hilltop Restaurant. Mooring guests receive free access to the resort Wi-Fi as well. The mooring field is set-up with a 60-foot swing radius, meaning boats larger than 60 feet are unable to moor when another boat is on a nearby ball.

Dockage Details and Rates

Biras Creek Resort docks will accommodate boats up to 50 feet in length with a 10-foot draft. Daily, monthly and annual docking is available. To reserve dock space please call us at 1 284 394 3555 or email us.

Daily Dock Rentals at Biras Creek Resort Main Dock:

Single Hull: $2 per foot, per night
Catamaran: $4 per foot, per night
Water: $0.18 per gallon
Electric: $25 per night

Hourly Dock Rental at Biras Creek Main Dock:

Dinghy/tenders may use the dinghy dock, situated on the right as you approach the island from the North Sound, free of charge.

Long-term Dock Rental at Biras Creek Main Dock:

Twelve-month rental is $650 plus monthly utility charges when the 12-month period is paid in advance prior to January 1. Monthly rental is $850 plus monthly utilities, payable in advance.

For larger boats, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Marina Virgin Gorda can accommodate boats up to 300-foot with a 30-foot draft. Please contact the YCCS Marina at 1 284 393 2000, or visit www.yccsmarina.com for additional information.